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Yoga teacher posing with cat

Shanti Kitti was created by Sophia Ludyjan in an effort to combine her love of cats and passion for yoga. Inspired by her own cat Alyssa (who actually loved whipped cream more than yoga or anything else), Alyssa would luxuriate in a deep peaceful stretch and fully enjoy the present moment, with no thought given to her whip cream belly or any other worries. Cats are the original masters of being Zen, completely at peace and fully present in the moment. Connecting with the beautiful energy of cats and practicing yoga are two wonderful ways to add more peace and joy to your life. We offer special yoga events that include adoptable and adorable cats from the non-profit organization S.P.O.T. to help them find forever homes. We also have a Cat-of-the-Month Club, so if chosen, a picture of your special feline friend is featured and adored all month while you enjoy a gift certificate for our lovely boutique.

Our mission at Shanti Kitti Yoga is to contribute to the well-being and transformation of the community by promoting inner peace, mindfulness, and joyful living with the practice of yoga and meditation.

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