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Dawn Darling

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Dawn Darling

Dawn has been teaching yoga for 45 years in Toronto, upper state New York and Florida Health Institutes, and in San Diego at several studios 

and created "Dawn of Yoga."

 She's taught Yoga at  LA Fitness, For Women Only, Ca Nautilus , San Diego Workout, International Fitness , Del Mar Workout to name a few, which has given her an opportunity to INTRODUCE and bring the joy of YOGA to many many students. 


She grew up taking Ballet and enjoying movement, stretching and dance. 


When studying and completing 5 years of university for her Honors Art Degree ( B of FA ) and Education ( B of Ed) degrees  at YORK U. in Toronto, she took a yoga class at 19 yrs old. She was hooked ! and knew she was on a lifelong path . 

Dawn studied and trained in Hatha yoga instruction @ Toronto Hatha Yoga studio in the 1970's and went on to become a Hatha Yoga Instructor with Iyengar training, and Anusara - Inspired styles. She has taken numerous workshops & courses with some inspiring teachers like Roger Cole, John Friend, and Ray Long's " The Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga"  among many others. Also did a course in PiYo : Pilates Yoga.


 Being  an enthusiastic student of many disciplines in movement and hungry to learn, she did Aerobic Teacher training, certifying with AFAA, that gave her an extensive study and understanding of body anatomy and great teacher training skills.  


 She has taught yoga in Vista since 1995 and has developed a reputation as a compassionate, warm , enthusiastic instructor that brings a sense of humor and fun to the practice . She has a love for sharing her passion and delights in supporting students and witnessing their metamorphosis.


She also enjoys teaching private yoga classes to support individual needs. 


She cares about her students and is adept at orchestrating the group while also giving individual personal attention.


Dawn is committed to the well being of all her students as a way of bringing balance to BODY MIND and SPIRIT.

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