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Your Week

Yoga and Meditation is Scientifically Proven to reduce the stress that comes as a natural part of your busy life.

Yoga helps reduce stress by encouraging mental relaxation, relieving physical blockages like muscle knots, and releasing mood-boosting endorphins.


Yoga & Meditation Will Reduce Your Stress

Mental Relaxation

The physical act of yoga releases your mental atmosphere to wander and relax your soul.

Relieving Physical Pain

Our poses allow you to release physical blockages like muscle knots, helping relieve emotions and tension.

Releasing Endorphins

Our poses help release mood-boosting endorphins like oxytocin which reduces weekly stress.


Why Shanti Kitti Yoga?

Shanti Kitti Yoga is the best place to practice Yoga and Meditation in North County - just ask our 50+ 5 Star Reviews on Google! Our instructors are world class, our community is kind and welcoming, and we'll help you release the daily stress of modern life.

No time to drive to class? Try our online live-stream classes where you can ask questions and connect one-on-one.

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