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Jennifer Spence

Jennifer Spence

Jennifer Spence is a nature loving, free-spirited yogini from North Carolina. She began her yogic journey 7 years ago and discovered inner peace, bliss and a deeper connection to her True Self. After years of practicing, she could not wait to learn the art of teaching-- - to assist others discover the magic of yoga. She received her yoga training from True Nature Yoga, Oceanside, CA in 2015 and has enjoyed sharing the many gifts of this ancient healing modality and continues to witness transformation on and off the mat. She loves teaching Prenatal, Yin, Restorative and various levels of gentle Hatha Yoga.

She spends her time seeing the world through the fresh eyes of her toddler, hiking with her dogs, dancing, making wire-wrapped jewelry, and holding space for mothers during the sacred journey of birth. As a Recreational Therapist, she has 10 years of experience assisting clients improve their over-all health and well-being; she implements Light Therapy, Aura-Readings, Sound Healing, Yoga, Meditation and Energy Healing sessions to bring people back into alignment.

Jennifer is honored to be a part of the Shanti Kitti Yoga Community and looks forward to connecting with each beautiful being that walks through the doors.. 

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