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Shuwen Lau

Shuwen Lau
Yoga Therapist

What makes a Yoga Therapist different than a yoga teacher?

A yoga teacher is trained to guide students through classes and sequences to better their health and wellbeing in a general way. A Yoga Therapist has been trained to work with the system of yoga to treat specific conditions. Some examples may include physical pain (back pain, shoulder injuries), anxiety disorders, cancer support, PTSD, insomnia, depression, autoimmune diseases, addiction, obesity, the list goes on. Yoga therapy can act as a useful adjunct to the western medical model or as a stand-alone therapy depending on the condition and/or the skill and experience of the Yoga Therapist.

What happens at a yoga therapy session?

Yoga therapy sessions are done in a private setting. Typically a Yoga Therapist will do a thorough intake in order to get to know you and your concerns. Depending on the nature of your issue there may be a physical evaluation as well. Once the Yoga Therapist has decided on a course of action they will begin the process of teaching you practices to help with your condition. The relationship between Yoga Therapist and client is an important one. Usually, you will be given practices to work on and will have follow up appointments to making sure things are improving for you.

Yoga Therapy Training Vs. Yoga Teacher Training

Although yoga teachers and yoga therapists are usually lifelong learners, the training entry point for yoga therapists is much higher. The IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) has set standards that have a minimum training time of 800 hours. This is in addition to the prerequisite of a 200-hour yoga teacher training. Also, yoga therapy schools are tasked with graduating competent yoga therapists with a proven ability to work with medical conditions in a safe, effective way.

Since yoga therapists are always yoga teachers it is easy to see why the public can get easily confused. Yoga therapists often play both roles — teaching interested students yoga and working individually with clients that have health challenges. Most essential is that those with physical or mental health issues looking to yoga for help consult with a yoga therapist as opposed to a yoga teacher.

Individualized education from a yoga therapist will have much better outcomes and minimize the chance of an untrained yoga teacher inflicting harm due to lack of knowledge and education.




90-minute Initial Assessment & Practice  $125.00

Follow-up Regular Sessions 60 minutes.  $100.00





5 Sessions $450.00

10 Sessions 850.00

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