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J.C. Snowden

Sofia brought the perfect blend of gentleness and challenge to the experience. As a teacher myself of 15 years I’m hard to impress. I found myself not only impressed with her style of teaching but genuinely healed and inspired! A treat for cat lovers or anyone that just enjoys good yoga in a lovely atmosphere.

Melissa Campbell

Really great yoga programs! They are attentive, small in class size, and are about proper poses and movements for full restoration. Highly recommend checking them out! A lot of my lower back pain issues were reduced doing these sessions. Also, it is apparent that the instructors love what they do and care about their work and how it affects learners.

Shaunnag Gladu

I love this yoga studio! Its everything I wanted out of a studio. Small, peaceful, skilled instructors, and very friendly people! Not to mention the little treats they handout at the end of class. Definitely going to make this apart of my daily routine. Thank you, instructors and Shanti!

Cherie Johnson

I not only LIKE it, I love, Love, LOVE it at Shanti Kitti Yoga. You definitely feel like a part of a family there--the owners and teachers are terrific, and there is no pressure to overachieve. Everyone is accepted at their own level. I live in CA and MI and have tried several yoga studios. This is absolutely my favorite for the reasons above and many more. Come and join us!

Elaine Jeffries

I love this studio - the instructors are very knowledgeable, are able to challenge all levels of students, adapt the class and pay attention to every student, I have been practicing for 7 years, and am able to do positions I never could before thanks to the amazing instruction

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